Friday, March 09, 2012

Buying Cycling shoes

“What type of cycling shoes should I buy for taking my Spinning® class?” The answer to that question is based upon several factors. First and foremost is comfort. If you are not comfortable in the type of shoe you buy, then you’re probably not going to enjoy your Spinning® classes.

Another consideration is whether or not your will be using your shoes exclusively for riding indoors or do you plan to ride outdoors. Indoor shoes can be lighter, and often have a mesh upper rather than leather or other manufactured material.

Your next decision is road vs. mountain bike shoe. Mountain bike shoes provide a better walking platform with the cleat recessed within the sole of the shoe. Not only does this makes it easier to walk around, it limits the contact of the cleat with slippery floor surfaces and limits the damage to wooden floors. For Safety reasons, road cycling shoes should only be worn when you are about to mount your bike for the ride due to the difficulty in walking on smooth surfaces and the potential damage the cleats can do to the floor.

Visit several of your local bike stores to find your shoes since different stores carry different brands. Try on several pairs and walk around the shop. Note how they feel and if and where there are pressure points. Remember, comfort is the most important consideration when buying a cycling shoe. Ask if the shop will let you pedal one of their bikes on a trainer to get that ultimate fit and feel.

After you’ve settled on a pair of shoes, you’ll need to get cleats that fit the pedal system on the Spinner® bikes. The cleat mechanism used by the Spinner® bikes is a Wellgo retention system and the cleat is coded 98A. The 98A cleat will allow four degrees of float to limit the amount of knee stress. Shimano cleats will also work on most pedal systems used in indoor cycling. Ask the shop where you purchased your shoes to put your cleats on the shoes. A good bike shop will be able to align your cleats based on your physiology and the way you pedal .

Making the decision to purchase shoes for Spinning® can be a daunting task. But once you make the transition to a cycling shoe, you’ll wonder why you haven’t made the switch sooner.