Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Winter Training

Well, it's winter here in Northeast Ohio so that usually means limited riding outside. Not this year, things are different. The weather has been mild with little precipitation and warmer temperatures. So my bike is calling my name on a daily basis. It is time to throw the leg over the top tube and take to the roads. Why not put in a long ride outside in cool temperatures? Riding outdoors surely will keep my base building schedule moving in the right direction.

I can't wait until the next gorgeous weekend day to get out and ride. My rule - above 35 degrees and dry pavement. Mostly because I don't want to hit any black ice or residual frozen puddles along the roadway. Thirty-five degrees is still chilly so I'll be bundled in layers. That makes it much easier to pull off a layer if I get too hot. I've got a great pair of gloves to keep my hands warm without sacrificing the feel or control. I'll also pack leg warmers and arm warmers if I need to add more layers without adding bulk. Most everything I carry can be rolled up and put into my jersey or jacket pockets. I also take warmer water with me knowing that the cold air will chill the water but not so much that I get one of those ice cream headaches.

Winter training doesn't always have to be done indoors. When the weather cooperates, pull your bike out and get on the roads. Enjoy the ride!!!

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